INTINCO Holding B.V. has been recently established to organize, activate and realize the funding and construction of large infrastructural projects in developing countries.

With decades of international business experience, each manager, consultant and advisor involved will contribute to create the best possible surroundings for successful implementation of these type of projects.

To combine the interest of the various participants and to clearly show that INTINCO Holding B.V. is clean and clear without obstacles from the past, it was decided to establish and use a new company. No explanation is needed to understand that senior operational managers with decades of on-the-job experience and an active and wide network, are more important than the founding date of the SPV that is used to successfully implement projects.

INTINCO Holding B.V. together with its partners, advisors and consultants are considered to be the best in their fields of activity. The experience and respect these people have built up in their respective industries cannot afford them to get involved into mistakes or project failures, thus being an intrinsic motivation to perform the best they can. It automatically can be considered that the involvement of ‘the best there is’ is an insurance for project success. Because, if the best cannot successfully realize and implement projects, who can?